The Badhouse Ventures portfolio

A collective of impressive founders, leading impactful startups.
Enterprise-focused B2B customer support CRM built for companies with high-touch, high-value customers, and complex product offerings.
SaaS solution for planning and automating the execution of engaging, multi-step employee journeys, especially well-suited for remote employee onboarding.
Suite of proprietary data analytics solutions to diagnose energy efficiency and indoor air quality in commercial buildings.
Bandit Labs
AI and conversational analytics to help improve the performance of customer support teams and to empower product teams with real-time visibility on the voice of customers.
Privacy-protecting form and survey SaaS taking advantage of the Bitcoin blockchain technology stack, with no added complexity for end users.
Forever Today
A web3 ecosystem for personal health data, gamifying wellness using NFT and metaverse technology.
Collaborative transport platform matching people & businesses who need to move/deliver items intra-regionally and drivers with pre-planned, compatible trips.